2018 Week 1 Results


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Tell the truth now:  Were you one of those people who rolled their eyes when it was announced last month that Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers had signed a record-setting contract worth $134 million?

So, how do you feel now?

On Sunday night, Rodgers suffered a severe knee injury in the first half against the Chicago Bears and was taken to the locker room on a motorized cart while Chicago rolled up a 20-0 lead.  He then limped back onto the field for the second half and powered the homestanding packers to an improbable 24-23 win.  Now that’s a return on investment.

No investment at all was required by Toms Brook, VA’s Dorrie Keller to chalk up her own victory and payday in Week 1 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest.  Keller racked up 119 of the possible 136 points to capture first place on opening week. She entered the contest through the Northern Virginia Daily newspaper in Strasburg.


Local winners were:

Aransas Pass…  Bonnie Dunlery, Ingleside 361-776-3619 or 205-7465 (81 points)

Bennington…John Purcell, Dorset 802-362-2293 (86 points)

Butler… Tim Spence, Butler 724-285-9137 (114 points)

Centralia… Regina Garrett, Mt.Vernon 246-8849 (118 points)

Chicago… Pat Knapp, Chgo. 773-315-0154 (103 points)

Corry…  Dolly Sperry, Spartansburg 664-4970 or 664-9418 (105 points)

Council Grove… Ryan Snecker (sp?), Shawne (913)424-5522 (113 points)

Gettysburg…  Brenda Herring, G-burg. 339-8193 (109 points)

Gillette… Tammy Eadus, Gillette 688-1600 or 660-4354 (97 points)

Johnstown…  Bev Burkardt,Johnstown 539-1062 (110 points)

Lebanon…Amy Wesner, Bethel (484) 824-2066 (107 points)

Lewistown…  Richard Rowe, Lewistown (area code unreadable, could be 357) 513-9375 (111 points).

Lockport… Fred Blackwell, Lockport 716-417-6804 (111 points)

Lowville… Larry Woolshlag, Camillus 315-727-8827 or 488-9939er ( 94 points)

Marinette… (no entries received)

Morgantown… Jim Sharley, Westover 292-1227 (114 points)

New Ulm… Jay Backer, NU 507-276-6094 (97 points)

Niagara… Laurie Lambert, NF 716-731-5988  (98 points)

North East… Joe Rizzo, North East 790-8079 (92 points)

Oswego… Todd Kranz, Oswego 315-399-0539 (95 points)

Pittsfield… Laura Miller, Pittsf. 212-8039 (103 points)  (Eagle:  Please replace your published Rule 1 with the Rule 1 contained in the Game Pieces we provided to you.  Thanks.)

Plattsburgh… (no entries received)

Rockport… Richard Ehrlich, Rockport 779-6239 (108 points)

Ruston…  (No entries received)

Shelbyville… (no entries received)

Somerset…  Gerry Rosenbergoy (?), Berlin 279-2850 (112 points)

Strasburg… Dorrie Keller, Toms Brook 335-4436 (119 points)

Sullivan… Brian Schulze, Terre Haute 812-878-0503 (96 points)

Taylorville… Cristie Kesterson, T-vill. 825-4039 or 825-5829 (110 points)

Towanda… Joe Maloney, Tow. 485-8997 (113 points)

Trenton… Dean Swalley, Gallatin 605-2174 (112 points and TB1 of 34 beats Alexis Garnet, Galt, also with 112 points)

Uniontown… Lou Gaggian, Cardade 724-246-7691 (9691?) (112 points)

Walla Walla…Darlene Diederich, WW 509-730-3603  (106 points)

Warren… Clark Whitaker, Russell 723-7772 or 723-7221 (100 points)

Welch… Paul Belcher, Welch 809-4465 (117 points)

Xenia… (no entries received)