Here are final, official results from Week 11. .



Sure hope you had the over.

Kansas City and the Los Angeles Rams played a game for the ages in Week 11, with several records set between the two teams who very well might be seeing each other again — in the Super Bowl.

Their 105 combined points represented the first time in league history that both teams scored more than 50 points.  The two put up more than 1,000 yards of offense and kept the scoreboard lighting up by the minute. The Rams, despite having a questionable defensive secondary, nevertheless put up enough points to edge the explosive Kansas City offense under first-year starter Patrick Mahomes.

Was this a Super Bowl prelude?  Perhaps the New Orleans Saints and the Nws England Patriots will have a bit to say about that.

Things were a bit different in Week 11 of the Power Points Football Contest, where a raft of upsets sent scores plummeting.  At day’s end, however, two sterling efforts by Pennsylvania contestants stood atop the pack.

Casey Cruse, of Johnstown, and George Watkins, of Uniontown, both tallied 114 of the possible 136 points.  Cruse emerged the winner because his Tiebreaker 1 guess of 43 points in the Pittsburgh game was closer to the actual total than Watkins’s guess of 58.

Cruse entered the contest through the Our Town newspaper in Johnstown.

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass… (no entries received

Butler.. Thomas Kelly,Butler 724-991-2010 (104 points)

Centralia… Gregory McCray, Centralia 231-0760 (112 points)

Chicago… Johnny Ray, Chgo 773-350-8685 or 239-2879 (101 points)

Corry…  L. Troup, Corry 664-5919(86 points)

Council Grove… Kelly Hickman, CG 466-6280 (82 points)

Gettysburg… Jerry Zinn, Mont Alto 762-0405(90 points)

Gillette… Fairy Todd,Gillette 307-682-9224 (84 points)

Johnstown… Casey Cruse, Johnstown 530-3225 (114 points)

Lebanon… Joseph Kalbach, Jonestown 865-1505 (112 points)

Lewistown… Gary Wagner, Lewistown 242-1161 (93 points)

Lockport…  Carteer Infantino, Rochester 716-622-7795(83 points)

Lowville…Bruce Reynolds,Natural Bride 315-955-3997  (66 points)

Morgantown… Jay Ziehm, Granville 599-8035 (99 points)

New Ulm… Gary Huiras, Fairfax 507-276-2133 (88 points)

Niagara…  Rose Serge, NF 282-2440 (111 points)

North East…  Dave Sceifold (sp?), Erie 814-899-6541 or 460-5277(103 points)

Oswego… Oliver Compo, no town listed 315-408-2688 (96 points)

Pittsfield.. Andrew Noble, Cheshire 413-776-7120 (100 points)

Plattsburgh… Buzz Thompson (sp?), Morrisonville 518-7432 (102 points)

Rockport…Carl Gibson, San Antonio 210-373-5563 or 680-2880  (100 points)

Sedalia… Jean (Sean?) Boston, Sedalia 826-7927(102 points)

Shelbyville… Frank Cameron, Shelbyv. 774-5396 (89 points)

Somerset.. Robert Christner, Somerset 445-8722 (93 points)

Strasburg… Wayne Dellinger, Edinburg 540-325-6130 (103 points)

Sullivan.. Roy Chambers, Sullivan 798-2624 or 648-2434 (106 points)

Taylorville… Ken Montgomery,T-vill. 824-6465 (109 points)

Towanda… Bruce Amentler, Elmira 607-483-7863(111 points)

Trenton…  Jeremiah Hamilton, Trenton 660-654-0579(95 points)

Uniontown… George Watkins, Charlero 724-489-4380 (114 points)

Walla Walla… Lily Dunham, WW 509-200-1690 (106 points)

Warren… Richard Lowe, Warren 723-1906 (92 points)

Welch… Jeanne Reed, Welch 436-3280 (104 points)

Xenia… Michael McGill, Xenia 352-5900 (102 points and TB2 of 660 beats Ronald Forrer, Fairborn, also with 102 points and also with TB1 of 55 points)