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So, strap yourself in for this year’s edition of the Same Ol’ Sermon about the fatally flawed college football playoff system.

This year presents perhaps the best argument yet in the five-year history of the current format for an eight-team rather than four-team playoff.

The playoff committee selected Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma as the participants this year. OK, fine.  But how can it make a convincing case that Ohio State, or Georgia or even Central Florida didn’t deserve a spot?  (Is everybody aware that Central Florida hasn’t lost a game in two seasons?)  Take a sip or two of some Cajun eggnog, and you can make a case for LSU as well. Those eight — playing a quarterfinal round, a semi-final round and a championship game — would make for a fine, and non-controversial, year-end tournament.  It must  happen.  It will happen.

No controversy — as usual — in Week 13 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest. Andrea Evischi, of Centralia, IL, tallied 120 of the possible 136 points to take home grand prize honors.  She entered the contest through the Morning Sentinel newspaper in Centralia.

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass… (no entries received)

Butler.. Beth Graham, Butler 724-996-7063 (113 points)

Centralia… Andrea Evischi, Centr. 532-5101 (120 points)

Chicago… John Emery, Chicago 773-491-5720 (109 points)

Corry… Seth Shreve, Corry 964-2927 (108 points)

Council Grove… Mary Reynoso,CG 767-5423(118 points)

Gettysburg… Jessica Kauffman, Biglerville 677-6013 (112 points)

Gillette…Larry Wilkerson, Gillette 682-4216 (96 points and TB1 of 51 beats Dave Miller, Gillette, also with 96 points)

Johnstown… James Mirabile, J-town. 241-4406 (110 points)

Lebanon… Tracey Eckert, Lebanon 270-1951 (109 points)

Lewistown… Penelope Hartman, Lewistown 953-2236(115 points)

Lockport… Holly Krolikowski, Lockport 812-7003 (109 points)

Lowville…  Larry Woolshlager, Camillus (315) 727-8827 (93 points)

Morgantown… Charles Miller, Bruceton  379-3261 (98 points)

New Ulm… Nick Dewanz, NU 276-9343 (99 points)

Niagara…Mary Ann Skeide, NF 481-2113 (107 points)

North East… Joe Rizzo, North East 790-8079(96 points)

Oswego.. Carol Stoddard, Braverton 315-569-6936 (87 points)

Pittsfield.. Tony Balardini,Pittsf. 212-8039 (108 points)

Plattsburgh… Hollie Bower, Plattsb. 518-593-2337 (109 points)

Rockport…  Emilio Garza, Rockport (361) 725-3505 (3909?) (108 points)

Sedalia… Chuck Matz, Sedalia 826-2449 (106 points)

Shelbyville… Beth Ryherd, Tower Hill 994-0008 (102 points)

Somerset.. Michael Johnson, Garrett 289-5720 or 634-5265 (107 points)

Strasburg… Sherry Fleming, Toms Brolok 540-975-1662 (103 points)

Sullivan.. Donna McCammon, Carlisle 249-0342 (103 points)

Taylorville… Bruce Dickenson, T-vill. 287-2586 (105 points)

Towanda… Bobby Powers, Athens 888-2628(107 points)

Trenton…David Kramer, Jamesport 359-1769 or 876-5272 (106 points)

Uniontown…Justin Sharpe, Connellsville 724-557-0167 (116 points)

Walla Walla… Luis Coronado, WW 529-9731 (105 points)

Warren… Matt Bunk (sp?), Warren 706-4233 (104 points)

Welch…Phyllis Bevec (sp?), War 875-2352 (110 points)

Xenia… Jeffrey Roberts, Xenia 971-0465 (102 points)