Final, official results



The only thing missing was the Stanford band.

That crazy, desperation, miracle finish pulled off by the Miami Dolphins over New England Sunday easily became the year’s most amazing finish.  Using one pass and two laterals — a play dubbed “Boise” because it was taken from the Boise State playbook — the Dolphins went 69 yards in seven seconds to nip the Patriots 34-33.

The finish was reminiscent of the Nov. 20, 1982 game in which California, using five laterals on the last play of the game, edged past
Stanford to win.  But the Stanford band thought the game was over and had marched onto the field, much to the chagrin of the tuba player who was steamrolled by the ball carrier.

Sunday’s finish undoubtedly will take its place in the top three amazing finishes in NFL history — along with the Immaculate Reception and he Holy Roller.

Week 14 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest saw one performance nearly as improbable as those.  In a week of gargantuan upsets, contestant Steve Wagner, of Lewistown, PA, missed only 13 of the 136 points to post a grand-prize-winning total of 123 points.  He entered the contest through the Lewistown Sentinel newspaper..

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass…Greta Castillo, P 361-523-3278 (43 points)

Butler.. Mike Spack, Chicora 724-283-8951 (100 points)

Centralia… Laura Brnon,Salem 231-5535 (99 points)

Chicago… Andy Sloyan ,Chgo.773-238-1413 (107 points)

Corry… Kara Leslie, Indiana, PA 964-2175 (92 points)

Council Grove… Blanche Martin, CG 767-5235 (89 points)

Gettysburg… Rick Little, Hanover 717-965-0180 (102 points)

Gillette… Dave Miller, Gillette 686-3002 (91 points)

Johnstown… Kenny Ray, Johnstown 322-7451 (111 points)

Lebanon…Bobbi Becker, New Oxford 624-4953 (110 points)

Lewistown… Steve Wagner, Lewiston 248-6289 (123 points)

Lockport…  Carter Infantino, Rochester 716-622-7795 (91 points)

Lowville…Oliver Compo,Carthage 315-408-2689  (75 points)

Morgantown… Steve Satterfield, Youngstown 330-718-2123 or 330-782-7903 (99 points)

New Ulm… Warren Bode, NU 354-6308 (91 points)

Niagara… Steve Grunzweig, Grand Island 774-8970 (88 points)

North East…Joe Rizzo, NE 790-8079 (98 points and TB2 of 680 beats  Shawn Hubbard, NE, also with 98 points and also with TB1 of 43)

Oswego…  (no entries)

Pittsfield.. Joe Grande, Dalton 684-3128 (103 points)

Plattsburgh… Leonard Trombley, Plattsb. 518-310-3379 (85 points)

Rockport… Tammy James, Rockport 316-9172(89 points)

Sedalia… Gary Billingsley, Sedalia 827-5053 or 281-2403 (101 points)

Shelbyville… David Adamson, Stewardson 682-3353 (86 points)

Somerset.. Bob Christner, Somerset 445-8722 (94 points)

Strasburg…William Jenkins, Strasburg 465-1811 (101 points)

Sullivan.. Roy Chambers, Sull. 798-2624 or 648-2434 (81 points)

Taylorville… Jeff Kesterson, T-vill.825-4039 or 825-5829 (87 points and TB1 of 41 beats Jerry Banks,T-vill., also with 87 points)

Towanda… Monte L. Hughey, Towanda 265-3767 (110 points)

Trenton… Denise Hamilton, Trenton 359-1452(95 points)

Uniontown… George Watkins, Chrlerol 724-489-4380 (95 points)

Walla Walla… Ken Mitchell, WW 540-0560 (85 points)

Warren…Kaylee Mattera, Conneautville 587-3431 (86 points)

Welch… Phyllis Barrett, War 892-7037 or 875-2352 (86 points and TB2 of 775 beats Ron Cheque (sp?), Welch, also with 86 points and also with TB1 four points from actual total)

Xenia…Angela Fister, Xenia 308-9232 (116 points)