As the 2018 NFL regular season lurches to a close,the pivotal issues come into sharp relief:  Wild Cards, home-field advantage, byes, etc.  And that brings with it pressure — especially on division-leading teams and those on the cusp of making the playoffs.

In Week 15, the pressure got to four of those division leaders —   New England, Kansas City, Dallas and the Los Angeles Rams — resulting in four losses.  One of those — Dallas — hasn’t even guaranteed itself a spot in the playoffs, and only one — the Rams — has secured the division championship as the penultimate week looms.

The team PERHAPS in the most peril of dropping to a wild card is Kansas City, which four weeks ago looked to be unbeatable.  Take a quick peek at that AFC West Division and you’ll see the streaking Los Angeles Chargers closing fast.  Could an all-LA Super Bowl be in the offing?  And, then, there’s that last remaining drama:  Will the 7-7 defending Super Bowl champion Eagles even make it into the playoffs?  Time will tell.

No need, however, to wait to learn who won the frenzied race for top honors in Week 15 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest. In a week rife with upsets, Dave Frantz, of Butler, PA, posted a score of a whopping 120 of the possible 136 points to carry home first-place honors.  He entered the contest through the Butler Eagle newspaper.

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass… (no entries)

Butler.. Dave Frantz, Butler 724-287-2667(120 points)

Centralia… David Smith, Centralia 319-693-1303 (102 points)

Chicago… John Love, no town listed, 773-779-4318 (100 points)

Corry… Ken Berkhous, Columbus 814-664-2966 (90 points and TB1 of 48 beats Walter Hansen, Corry, also with 90 points)

Council Grove… Larry Adams, CG 620-767-5536 (93 points)

Gettysburg… Joseph Yankowski, Hanover 717-633-9425 (99 points)

Gillette…Tracy Schoolcraft, Gillette 660-5867 (98 points)

Johnstown… Richard C. Kelly, Johnstown 410-3209 (106 points)

Lebanon… Mike Boyer, Lebanon 639-6003 (108 points)

Lewistown… James Snook, McClure 570-658-9108 (116 points)

Lockport…  Carter Infantino, Rochester 716-622-7795(97 points)

Lowville…Bruce Reynolds, Natural Bridge 955-3997  (107 points)

Morgantown… Jim Sharkey, Westover 292-1227(92 points)

New Ulm… Kindra Fairburn, NU 320-434-1405 (98 points)

Niagara…  Steve Grunzweib, Grand Island 716-774-8970 or 534-5465(89 points)

North East… Jim Rizzo, North East 392-6461(96 points)

Oswego…Late-arriving envelope reveals new winnner:  Lisa Yerdon, Oswego 315-529-5849 (101 points)

Pittsfield.. Joe Pizani, Pittsf. 445-5724 or 445-5724(101 points)

Plattsburgh… Armand Manor, Plattsb. 518-561-0087 (111 points)

Rockport…  Gary Kuhn,Aransas Pass 230-1394 (1344?) (95 points)

Sedalia… John Pollitt, Sedalia 281-0602 (86 points)

Shelbyville… Matt Winter,  Shelbyville 217-820-1283  (89 points)

Somerset.. Todd Kennington, Somerset 279-9813 (95 points)

Strasburg… JoAnn Oerdorff, Strsburg 540-465-8208 (107 points)

Sullivan..Greg Kinneman, Sullivvan 812-564-0343 (93 points)

Taylorville…John Daykin, T-vill. 217-824-2207 (90 points)

Towanda… Annette Ryan, New Albany 637-7507 or 363-2168 (108 points)

Trenton… Denise Hamilton, Trenton 359-1452 (100 points)

Uniontown… Ryan Mack, Smithfield 724-710-8108 (110 points)

Walla Walla… George Flippo, WW 509-540-4222 (104 points)

Warren… Onake (?) Williams, Sugar Grove 814-489-7962 (93 points)

Welch… Vickie Baldwin, Welch 436-6894 (93 points)

Xenia… Linda Lankeer, Xenia 937-372-4531(100 points)