Obviously, the Christmas (and New Year’s) mail holiday will delay final results by a day.


NEWSPAPERS — Hope you had a great Christmas.  On week to go, and then it’s off to March Madness and our famously popular BRACKETBUCKS Contest.  If you’re not already in, give ma a call.  It’s a great promotion.





For more than a century, emotion-driven arguments have flown back and forth from eastern to western Pennsylvania — each side ribbing the other —  especially about their sports teams.:

The old stereotypes drive the competition:  Philadelphia lawyers and “Brotherly Love”  verses the lunch bucket crowd and Pittsburgh-ese. But after the penultimate week’s play in the NFL, the two sides have found a common, although dubious, cause.  Both the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in danger of not making it into the playoffs.  Both are looking for wins in Week 17 to help their chances.

Meanwhile, another — band new — rivalry has sprung up with the arrival of Kansas City Chiefs first-year starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes..  Will he or will Drew Brees or will someone else walk off with this year’s Most Valuable Player Award?  Time will tell.

No need, however, to wait for results of Week 16 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest.  And this time, western Pennsylvania came out on top:  Carl Bezjak, of Uniontown PA, tallied a whopping 133 of the possible 136 points to take grand prize honors.  He entered the contest through the Herald-Standard newspaper in Uniontown.

Aransas Pass… (no entries)

Butler.. Michael Gladd, Butler 724-283-4124 (130 points)

Centralia… Gregory McCray, Centralia 231-0760 (114 points and TB1 of 46 beats Luke Masulla, Carlyle, also with 114 points)

Chicago… Paat Knaap, Chgo 773-315-0154 (125 points)

Corry…  Justin Beattie,Corry 964-9204 or 964-2582(112 points)

Council Grove… Pam Schmid, Topeka 785-466-6369 (117 points)

Gettysburg… Carol Ney, Gettysburg 717-253-5449 (128 points)

Gillette… Randy Morgan, Spearfish, SD 606-219-0904 (126 points)

Johnstown… Dan Seusk (Sensk?) , Jr., Johnstown 266-6793 (114 points)

Lebanon… Ken Kline, Lebanon 273-0688 (129 points)

Lewistown… Lu Curry, Lewistown 717-248-9868 (128 points)

Lockport…. Mark Zagara, Cheektowaga (sp?) 716-578-3420 (122 points)

Lowville… Faun Zehr, no town liste 315-408-1055 (115 points)

Morgantown… Steve Satterfield,Youngstown, OH, 330-718-2123 or 782-7903 (118 points)

New Ulm… Kevin Dewanz, NU 507-276-2967 (127 points)

Niagara… Michael Parsdick, NF 716-285-4592 (4590?) (119 points)

North East… James Holden, Hirbencrek (sp?) 812-8978 (118 points)

Oswego…  Carl Stoddard, Brewerton 315-569-6936 (117 points)

Pittsfield.. Frank Cote, Lenox 413-637-4905 (122 points)

Plattsburgh… Greg Carnright, Plattsb. 518-561-5667 (129 points)

Rockport… Brandi Karl, no town listed 361-774-4534 (119 points and TB2 of 700 yards beats Gary Kuhn, also with 119 points and also with TB1 five points from actual

Sedalia…  James Larson, Sedlia 660-951-5377 (132 points)

Shelbyville… Frank Cameron, Shelbyv. 774-5356 (114 points)

Somerset.. Sharon Barnett, Rockwood 814-279-0922 (119 points)

Strasburg… Jim Wolford,Woodstock 5400-459-8829 (120 points)

Sullivan.. Roy Chambrs, Sull. 798-2624 or 648-2434 (106 points)

Taylorville… Ted Campbell, T-vill. 824-8268 (120 points and TB1 of 45 beats James Jonas, T-vill., also with 120 points)

Towanda…Paul Delamater, Towanda 265-3503 (126 points)

Trenton… Rocky Jones, Trenton 339-2715 (125 points)

Uniontown… Carl Bezjak, Uniontown 724-438-2285 or 557-2185 (133 points)

Walla Walla… Matthew Olson,WW 509-386-5494 (118 points)

Warren… Richard Lowe, Warren 723-1906 (111 points)

Welch… Tom Morsi,Welch 320-2838(118 points and TB1 of 45 beats Vanessa Meade, English, also with 118 points)

Xenia… Shelly Silver, Beavercreek 937-429-9327 or 219-9341 (119 points)