NEWSPAPERS — Here are final, official results.  Thanks for another great year.  We move on now to BRACKETBUCKS, our famously popular contest for March Madness, the NCAA Basketball Contest. Give me a call to get on board.  Otherwise, see you next fall!




What a relaxing feeling the holidays bring after a frenzied and chaos-filled year — except, of course, in the world of football.

There, the issues of conference championships, bowl games, wild cards, playoff positions and wins and losses tend to turn the year-end activities  into a pressure cooker –for both man and beast.

On Black Monday — not to be confused with the thrills of Black Friday — six NFL coaches lost their jobs and 20 percent of the players were left wondering whether they, too, would have jobs next season.  In the “Not For Long” league, winning is a must;  losing is a ticket out of town. Nearly half of the NFL’s franchises will be led by different coaches in 2019 than in 2016.  The old advice for coaches remains the best advice:  Rent, don’t buy.

Not even the pure, innocent sport of college football could escape this year-end lack of comity.  Prior to the Sugar Bowl, Bevo, the long-horned steer from Texas, attempted to gore the Georgia bulldog at the stadium.

You have to look to Week 17 of the POWER POINTS Football for any semblance of calm, reasoned reflection. That’s where Bob Lemon,of Somerset,PA, tallied a whopping 133 of the possible 136 points to capture the final grand prize of the season.  He entered the contest through the Daily American newspaper in Somerset.

And to all a good-night.

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass… Kenneth Dunlevy,Ingleside 776-3619 (113 points)

Butler.. Clyde “Red” Mills, Butler 724-287-0567 (125 points)

Centralia… Linda Kolb, Mt. Vernon 618-242-8651 (130 points)

Chicago…Dan Skrypkun, EP, IL 708-422-6666 (121 points and TB1 of 45 beats Terry Skrypkun, also with 121 points)

Corry…P. Eshelman, Corry 664-5919 (117 points and TB1 of 42 beats Tanner Hancock, Canadohta Lance (sp?), also with 117 points)

Council Grove… Kelly Hickman, CG 767-5295(120 points)

Gettysburg… Jack Ketterman, Littlestown 717-359-4394 (124 points)

Gillette…  Marc Edvans (sp?), Gillette 689-9736(119 points)

Johnstown…  Dan Sewak, Jr., Johnstown 814-266-6793(122 points)

Lebanon… Bob Bridegam, Newmanstown 610-741-7170 (126 points)

Lewistown… Harry Bashore, McAlisterville 717-463-3408 (121 points and TB1 of 45 beats two others also with 121 points)

Lockport…Holly Krolikowski, Lockport 812-7003 (111 points)

Lowville…  Bruce Reynolds, Natural Bridge 315-955-3997(115 points)

Morgantown… Steve Satterfield, Youngstown,OH 330-718-2123 or 782-7903 (125 points)

New Ulm… Garrett Grathwolhl, NU 507-354-8667 (118 points and TB1 of 37 beats a nameless contestant who also scored points)

Niagara… T.A. Soliri, NF 508-2962 (126 points)

North East… Jim Rizzo, North East 392-6461 (128 points)

Oswego… Joel Falanga, Oswebo 315-806-3413 (117 points)

Pittsfield.. Janie DeAnddrade, Pittsfield 413-854-4132 or 704-4745 (126 points)

Plattsburgh… Nelson Durocher, P-burgh 518-578-2816(120 points)

Rockport…  Carl Gibson, San Antonio 210-323-5563 (129 points)

Sedalia… Hayden Doone, Green Bridge 660-281-2342 (131 points)

Shelbyville… Mike Bauman, Tower Hill 561-1264 (112 points)

Somerset.. Bob Lemon,Somerset 814-233-4269 (133 points)

Strasburg… James Carter, Maurertown 540-333-0586(128 points)

Sullivan.. Roy Chambers, Sullivan 812-798-2624 or 648-2434(116 points)

Taylorville… Aaron Allen, T-vill. 565-0213 (124 points)

Towanda… Kevin Maines, Wyalusing 570-699-9511 (121 points and TB1 of 42 beats Mickey Fox, Towanda, also with 121 points)

Trenton… Bob Elks, Trenton 660-654-9290 (126 points)

Uniontown… Charles Rimmel, Dilliner 724-943-3001 (119 points)

Walla Walla… Jerald Watson,WW 525-5564 (123 points) (Three other contestants — including one with a better score — were disqualified for violating rule against multiple entries.)

Warren… Tony Mattera, Conneautville 814-720-2869 (128 points)

Welch… Vickie Baldwin, Haveco 304-436-6894 (120 points)

Xenia… (Linda Lanker, Zenia 937-372-4531 points)