2018 Week 2 Results

Week 2 results now final and official.

Newspapers — Please enclose two tear sheets of your full contest page with your week’s envelope of entry forms.  Thanks..




They say statistics are for losers, but this week — at least in the football world — they seem to be for historians as well.

Records are being set that are breaking ground that hasn’t been visited in decades — or longer.  Start with this:  In the first two weeks of his first season as a starter, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 10 touchdowns.  No one’s ever done that.

The Washington Redskins failed to sell out their stadium for the first time in 50 seasons, and having two games end in ties in the first two weeks of the season hasn’t happened in 47 years.

Perhaps most eye-popping of all, South Dakota State rolled up 926 yards of offense and routed Arkansas-Pine Bluff 90-6, just short of the all-time Football Championship Subdivision record for points scored in a game.  The coach later apologized for running up the score.  .

No apology needed in Week 2 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest where Kasey Horvath, of Lebanon, PA, tallied 110 of the possible 136 points to claim grand prize honors.

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass…  Albert Cantu, Rockport 463-3339 (68 points)

Butler… Fallon Uranker, Butler 482-2013 (108 points)

Centralia… Andrea Evischi, Centralia 532-5101 (104 points)

Chicago… Stewart Ferguson, OakLawin 708-572- 6617.. (87 points and TB 1 of 45 beats two others also with 87 points)

Corry…  L.Troup, Corry 664-5919 (95 points)

Council Grove…  Bill Sawyer, Raymore 913-526-6072 or 816-265-0141 (101 points and TB2 of 704 beats Barbara Adams, CG, also with 101 points and also with TB1 just one point away from actual total.)

Gettysburg… Tim Staub, G-burg. 451-9645 (90 points)

Gillette… Ross M. Coopwood, Gillette 851-8215 (83 points)

Johnstown… Carol Carpenter, Johnstown 322-4716 (95 points)

Lebanon…  Kasey Horvath, Lebanon 908-268-4059 (110 points)

Lewistown….  William Poorman, Port Royal 436-9444 (102 points)

Lockport… Holly Krolikowski, Lockport 812-7003 (97 points)

Lowville…. Larry Woolshlager, Cauillus 727-8827 or 488-9939 (62 points)

Morgantown…  Mike Sharley, Westover 292-1227 (103 points)

New Ulm…  Larame Postel, NU 276-5361 (87 points)

Niagara…. Michael Parsnick, NF 285-4592 (94 points)

North East….  Joe Landa, North East 814-725-5719 or 724-602-3298 (86 points)

Oswego… Carl Wallace, Oswego  216-6361 or 591-6507 (102 points)

Pittsfield…   Joe Piani Pittsg 822-0400 (107 points)

Plattsburgh…  Armand Manor, Plattsburgh 561-0087 (99 points)

Rockport… Penny Lackey, Rockport 512-538-5484  (95 points)

Ruston…  (no entries received)

Shelbyville… Rick Duckett, Shelbyv. 217-273-4647 (86 points)

Somerset… Lorraine Bradley, Rockwood 926-2496 (93 points)

Strasburg… Kenny Orndorff, Strasburg 465-8208 (89 points and TB1 of 43 beats Greg Funkhouser, Toms Brook, also with 89 points)

Sullivan…  Megan Mirks (sp?), Sull. 691-6233 (91 points)

Taylorville… Ted Campbell, T-vill. 824-8262 (109 points)

Towanda… Julie Powers, Athens 888-2628 (100 points)

Trenton… Dale Johnson, Trenton 359-4455 (103 points

Uniontown…  Eric Sabo, U-town. 366-1554 or 550-4561 (107 points)

Walla Walla…  Justine Serven (Senen?), WW 509-200-1011 (108 points)

Warren…  Mike Albaugh, Warren 730-5754 (82 points)

Welch… Kemal Hazemey, Welch 297-5102 (105 points)

Xenia …  (no entries received)