As of this week, we have 90- shopping days until Christmas.  Sound like a long time?

Not in Cleveland.

The good residents of that luckless burg waited 635 days between wins by their beloved Browns.  But the drought finally did come to an end Sunday with the team’s win over the New York Jets.

But even that time is short compared with how long Krystina Silfee, of Mildred, PA, waited to carry home the grand prize in the POWR POINTS Football Contest.  She scored 124 of the possible 136 points to take first-place honors in Week 3 of the contest.  She entered the contest through The Daily Review newspaper in Towanda, PA.

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass… Butch Salge, AP 758-1502 (80 points)

Bennington… ( points)

Butler.. Taylor Davidson, Butler 724-290-8703 (115 points)

Centralia… Karen Lyday, Mt. Vernon 236-1082 (106 points)

Chicago… Sean Sloyan, Chgo. 773-238-1413 (107 points)

Corry… Dean Maynard, Spartansburg 440-8901 (106 points)

Council Grove… Bill Sawyer, Raymore 816-265-0141 or 913-526-6072 (98 points)

Gettysburg… Alice Ward, 45 Major Bell Lane, G-burg.  no phone (107 points)

Gillette… Fainy Todd, Gillette 682-9224 (103 points)

Johnstown… Richard Kelly, Johnstown 410-3209 or 418-2463 (118 points)

Lebanon… Pat Kline, Leb. 273-0688 (107 points)

Lewistown… Scott Carolus, Lewistown 248-9242 (108 points and TB1 of 43 beats Connie Reigle, Lewistown, also with 108 points)

Lockport…  (no entries received)

Lowville…Matt Nabywaniec (Nabywaniel?) , Carthage 315-519-1289 (89 points)

Morgantown… Gina Lenhart, M-town. 290-7781 (101 points)

New Ulm… Jay Backerf, NU 507-276-6094 (94 points and TB1 of 42 beats Gary Huiras, Fairfax, MN, also with 94 points)

Niagara…  (no entries received)

North East… William Beardsley, NE 725-9470 (100 points)

Oswego.. Joel Falanga, Oswego 315-806-3413 (95 points)

Pittsfield..  Henry Schadler, N.A. (North Adams?) 413-346-4080 (106 points)

Plattsburgh… Leonard Trombley, P-burgh 518-310-3379 (108 points)

Rockport… Phil Reynolds, Rockport 729-6469 (94 points)

Sedalia… Terry Ryan, Sedalia 822-0790 (95 points)

Shelbyville… ( no entries received)

Somerset.. Frank Kovak, Somerset 445-5020 (106 points)

Strasburg… Chandlere Ramage, Maurertown 540-333-3986 (106 points)

Sullivan.. Lee Townsend, Sull. 841-4651 or 268-5270 (99 points)

Taylorville… Dorothy Mayer, T-vill 825-5527 (108 points)

Towanda… Krystina Silfee, Mildred 220-2651 (124 points)

Trenton… Denise Hamilton, Trenton 485-6690 (112 points)

Uniontown… Sandra Consavage, West Brownsville 724-710-9108 (108 points and TB 1 of 40 beats two others also with 108 points)

Walla Walla… Ken Mitchell, WW 540-0560 (99 points)

Warren… Gary Chuzie, Youngsville 730-2581 (102 points)

Welch… Mike Stanley, Roderfield 656-7990 (101 points)

Xenia… (no entries received)