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From sea to shining see, the nation’s rapt attention was focused on television screens as near-unprecedented actions unfolded in full view of millions the last week of September..

No, no, not that political circus in Washington.  We’re talking about that cascade of heart-throbbing endings that marked the first window of Sunday’s NFL action.  Lead changes by the moment, ties and overtimes threatening.  Even the announcer on the NFL’s Red Zone network was moved to remark that he’d never seen anything like it as the whip-around coverage dashed from game to game and nail-biting finish to nail-biting finish.

At the end of the frenzy, six games had ended with no more than two points separating winners from losers, and viewer exhaustion was palpable

. Normally, that rush of excitement is reserved for the announcement of the weekly grand prize winner in the POWER POINTS Football Contest. And here it comes:  Curt McNemar, of Mifflin,PA, tallied 131 of the possible 136 points to record first-place honors.  He entered the contest through the Sentinel newspaper in Lewistown, PA.

Local winners were: Aransas Pass… Butch Salge, AP 758-1502 (108 points)

Butler..  Rich Hildebrand (sp?), Elwood City 724-822-7798 (123 points and TB1 of 45 beats Paul Bienemann, Butler, also with 123 points)

Centralia… Garry Rightnowar, Burford 315-1193 (127 points)

Chicago… Leo Skrypkuyl (sp?), Chgo 773-330-6168 (124 points) Five illegible entries.

Corry… Boyd Whitehead, Sherman NY 716-761-6559 (118 points) Council Grove… Leigh Ann Griffis, Abilene 785-263-0366 (124 points) Gettysburg.. Scott Long, Hanover 476-2577 (128 points) Gillette…  Dave Miller, Gillette 686-3002 (120 points)

Johnstown… Casey Cruse, J-town. 536-3225  (117 points)

Lebanon… Larry W. Smith, Newmanstown 610-589-2015 (125 points)

Lewistown… Curt McNemar, Mifflin 994-5534 (131 points)

Lockport… Alex Infantino, Rochester 716-622-7795 (120 points) Lowville… Oliver Compo, Carthage 408-2689 (79 points)

Morgantown… Charles Miller, Bryceton Mills 379-3261 (119 points)

New Ulm… Isaiah Friese, NU 766-0328 (116 points)

Niagara…  David Meyers, NF 940-7106 or 940-6198 (119 points)

North East… Matthew Hubbard, North East 566-2737 (113 points)

Oswego… Craig Kennedy, Oswego 592-1989 (126 points)

Pittsfield.. Brenda Carmel, Pittsf. 770-9817 (129 points) Plattsburgh… Lynn Kelley-Miller, P-burg. 561-3973 (117 points)

Rockport… Jerry Monaco, Rockport 230-4372 (115 points and TB 1 of 36 beats Cory Greenwood, Blossum, also with 115 points)

Sedalia… Kevin Ryan,Sedalia 660-829-0950 (120 points)

Shelbyville… Bill Whitehead, Shelbyville 561-1779 (117 points)

Somerset.. Ryan Maust, Friedeas 443-1963 (117 points)

Strasburg… Debbie Rosenberry, Strasburg 540-636-9804 (120 points) Sullivan.. Donna McCammon, Carlisle 812-249-0342 (122 points)

Taylorville… Jerry Banks, T-vill.825-4238 (122 points)

Towanda… Amy Evens, Sayre 423-8196 (115 points)

Trenton… Denise Hamilton, Trenton 485-6690 (128 points)

Uniontown… Ewanda Royster, U-town 724-438-5138 (119 points)

Walla Walla… Carla Schettler, WW 509-540-0560 (114 points)

Warren… Mike Albaugh, Warren 730-5754 (113 points)

Welch… Sarah Reed Welch 320-6484 (123 points and TB1 of 32 beats James Brooks Jr., Northfolk, also with 123 points)

Xenia… ( no entries received)