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Buzzer beaters and razor-thin victory margins were the order of the day in Week 5 of the NFL season.  Cleveland beat Baltimore by three points in overtime, and three other games were decided in a total of three seconds by winning field goals.

In one of them, Carolina’s Graham Gano came within one yard of the NFL record by kicking a winning field goal from 63 yards away to nip the New York Giants, 33-31.

Week 5 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest was just about as close as the four leading contenders finished within one point of each other.  But one of them — Michael Parsnick, of Niagara Falls, NY, stood thismuch ahead of the other three, scoring 120 of the 136 possible points to take grand prize honors.

Aransas Pass… Gary Kuhn, AP 230-1394 (85 points)

Butler.. Georgetta Lord, Saxonburg 724-352-5323 (115 points)

Centralia… Brett Smith, Centralia 267-8913 or 533-4592 (119 points)

Chicago… Tom Sloyan, Chgo 773-238-1413 (103 points)

Corry… Ron Leslie, Corry 664-7414 (102 points)

Council Grove… Mark Brooks, CG 466-1460 (110 points)

Gettysburg…  Sue Rosensteel, G-burg. 334-6699 (112 points)

Gillette… Steven Elivnges (sp???), Gillette 689-0841 (105 points)

Johnstown… Matt Martynaska (sp?), Lilly 814-886-4540 (110 points)

Lebanon… Tom Gassert, Cleona 717-274-0194 (113 points)

Lewistown… Lu Curry, Lewistown 248-9868 (111 points)

Lockport… Bill McVeigh, Lockport 625-3958 (92 points)

Lowville…  Matt Nabywaniec, Carthate 519-1289 (79 points)

Morgantown… Charles Miller, Bruceton 379-3261 (109 points)

New ulm… Don Olson, NU 354-6824 (108 points)

Niagara…  Michael Parsmek, N>F> 285-4592 (120 points)

North East…Joe Rizzo, North East 790-8079 (96 points)

Oswego…Joel. Falanga, Oswego 806-3413  (97 points)

Pittsfield.. Joseph J. New Sr., Pittsf. 413-329-4383 (119 points)

Plattsburgh…Paul Pendergast, Keeseville 518-834-9234 (111 points)

Rockport… Carlos Cantu, Rockport 729-3761 (117 points)

Sedalia…  Mickey Paul, Sedalia 221-9559 (108 points)

Shelbyville… Beth Ryherd, Tower Hill 994-0008 (101 points)

Somerset.. Todd Kennington, Somerset 279-9813 (111 points)

Strasburg… Mike Palmer, Strasburg 540-975-2425 (112 points)

Sullivan..  Brian Schulze, Sull. 812-878-0503 (96 points and TB1 of 52 beats Haven Howard, Dugger, also with 96 points)

Taylorville… Pat Vogel, T-vill. 565-9262 (115 points)

Towanda… Bruce Amentler (sp?), Elmira 607-483-7863 (113 points)

Trenton… Tyler Krajicek, Salina 785-0184 (119 points)

Uniontown… Joyce Sinclair, U-town., 437-8942 (113 points)

Walla Walla…  Darlene Dederich, WW 730-3603 (102 points)

Warren… Kimberly Chase (Chute?) , Youngsville 688-4627 (100 points)

Welch… Stan Pendy, Welch 800-9459 (109 points)

Xenia… ( points)