Results now official

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With apologies to Charles Dickens, the weekend presented football fans with the best of times and the worst of times.

You knew back in April when the NFL schedule came out that the Week 6 matchup between New England and Kansas City would be a classic.  But nobody could have imagined the 43-40 shootout engineered by the two premier quarterbacks in the league, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.  You just might see these two again in the AFC Championship Game.

By contrast, things weren’t quite so elegant in the Saturday game between Maryland and Rutgers.  The Terps ran away from Rutgers 34-7 in a game where the two Rutgers quarterbacks combined for a total of eight passing yards, five interceptions and a quarterback rating of minus 47.

One Rutgers fan posted on the school’s message board, “I think Rutgers should rethink if football is something they really want to do.”

What everyone wants to do, of course, is win the Grand Prize cash in the POWER POINTS Football Contest.  And that’s what Jon Whetzel, of New Market, VA, did in Week 6. His first Tiebreaker of 60 points was closer to the actual total of 83 in that Patriots-Chiefs game than the 42 posted by Lou Kordish, of Portage, PA.  Both contestants had tallied 135 of the possible 136 points.  Whetzel entered the contest through the Northern Virginia Daily newspaper in Strasburg, VA..

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass… Butch Salge, AP 758-1502 (111 points)

Butler.. Donald Greger, Saxonburg 352-9266 (126 points)

Centralia… Caleb Clark, Odin 339-3139 (125 points)

Chicago… John Emery, Chgo 773-491-5720 (131 points)

Corry… Paul Sears, Sherman 716-269-4944 (118 points)

Council Grove… Shad Bramner (Brewer?), CG 767-2884 (124 points)

Gettysburg… Charlotte Smith, Huson 637-0301 (125 points)

Gillette… Doug Gales, Gillette 299-7733 (105 points)

Johnstown… Lou Kordish, Portage (814) 736-4102 (135 points) TB1:42

Lebanon… Harry Brommer, Pine Grove (570) 345-4087 (127 points and TB1 of 59 beats Cody Shomper, Hegins, also with 127 points)

Lewistown… Mary Koontz, Lewistown 717-248-2873 (126 points)

Lockport…  (no entries received)

Lowville  … Bruce Rumeldo, Naturala Bridge 315-955-3997  (61 points)

Morgantown… Eli Jabour, Mgtn. 599-0821  (127 points)

New Ulm… Warren Bode, NU 354-6308 (116 points and TB1 of 65 beats Beo Wyczawsh (sp?), NU also with 116 points)

Niagara…  (no entries received)

North East…Dave Sceiford (sp?), Erie 814-899-6541  (121 points)

Oswego….  Todd Kranz, Oswego 315-399-0539 (102 points)

Pittsfield..  Laura Miller, Pittsf. 413-212-8039 (130 points)

Plattsburgh… L. Trombley, P-burgh 518-320-3379 (130 points)

Rockport… Greg Yarbrough, Rockport 2300-0147 (130 points)

Sedalia…  Terry Ryan, Sedalia 827-0790 ( (131 points)

Shelbyville… Beth Ryherd, Tower Hill 994-0008 (115 points)

Somerset.. Jay Engleka, Berlin 814-267-3072 (123 points)

Strasburg… Jon Whetzel, New Market 540-335-8589 or 740-8589(135 points) TB1:  60 Sullivan.. Amy Cox, Sull. 812-249-2941 (108 points)

Taylorville…Dorothy B. Mayer, T-vill.825-5527 (123 points)

Towanda… Bernard Walsh, Gillett 265-1714 or 590-2162 (128 points)

Trenton… Brad Cherburg (Chunbuy?), Trenton 339-2034 (114 points and TB1 of 52 beats Bill Smith,Trenton, also with 114 points)

Uniontown… Tom Sandala, U-town 724-438-1891 (134 points)

Walla Walla… Wyley McEver, College Place 918-404-2456 (133 points)

Warren… Jennifer Kane (Vane?), Warren 730-7473 (111 points)

Welch… Tom Morsi, Welch 320-2838 (120 points and TB1 of 50 beats Ray Barrett, War, also with 120 points)

Xenia… Ronald Forrer, Fairborn 937-878-6963 or 408-2307 (1307?) (122 points)