Results now official

Please send me two full page tear sheets of your contest page with your entries this week.




Even at the beginning of the season, it was widely believed that the Cleveland Browns had finally turned the corner and were on the road to fixing a team that hadn’t won a game since 2016. But nobody knew just how halting and fraught the comeback process would e.

Now we see.  After Week 7, the Browns have gone into overtime in four of their games — winning one, losing two and tying one.

That’s what you might call fitful process.  And it doesn’t get any easier for Baker Mayfield and company as they next face hated rival Pittsburgh.

Things weren’t nearly so arduous for Sue Klaus, of Nokomis, IL, in Week 7 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest. .She tallied 130 of the possible 136 points to capture first-place honors — five points better than the nearest competition.  She entered the contest through the Breeze-Courier newspaper in Taylorville, IL.

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass… (no entries received)

Butler..  Luke Horbison (sp?), Fenelton 724-602-1830(125 points)

Centralia… Eli Garrett, Mt. Vernon 618-316-1536 (119 points)

Chicago… Steve Murray, Chgo. 773-239-2738 (116 points)

Corry… L. Troup, Corry, 664-5919 (111 points)

Council Grove… Jim Martin, CG 767-5235 (114 points and TB1 of 44 beats Lynn Francis, Wilson (Wilsag?), also with 114 points)

Gettysburg… Russ Kesser, Gettysb. 873-8225 or 334-4846 (108 points)

Gillette… Vern Golay, Gillette 682-0606 (107 points)

Johnstown… Lou Kordisit, Portage 736-4102 (112 points)

Lebanon… Jesse Oliver, Jonestown 507-0098 (125 points)

Lewistown… Irma McNemar, Mifflintown 436-2465 (116 points)

Lockport…  Ryan McClanahan, Lockport 716-417-1942 (106 points)

Lowville… Larry Woolshlager, Camillus 315-727-8827 (107 points)

Morgantown… Diane Keepover, M-town. 282-4323 (103 points)

New Ulm… Warren Bode, NU 354-6308 (112 points)

Niagara… Laurie Lambert, NC,NY 731-5988 (100 points)

North East… Jim Rizzo, NE 392-6461 (107 points)

Oswego…  Gail Dunn, Oswego 343-9444 (98 points)

Pittsfield.. Joshua McLean, Pittsf. 413-464-5409 (125 points)

Plattsburgh… Rich Roberts, Dannemora 518-492-7764 (116 points)

Rockport… Ursula Walker, Rockport 350-9477 (114 points)

Sedalia…  Jeff Neas, Cole Camp 668-3789 (113 points)

Shelbyville… Mike Bauman, Tower Hill 561-1264 (111 points)

Somerset..Stephanie Barnett, Somerset 442-6141 (122 points)

Strasburg… Doug Keller, toms Brook 540-533-0091 (119 points)

Sullivan.. Tyler Monroe (Monree?), Sullivan 564-3621 (3021?) (113 points and TB1 of 37 beats Jerod Barton, Jasonville, also with 1113 points.)

Taylorville…  Sue Klaus, Nokomis, 217-820-9644 (130 points)

Towanda… Bernard Walsh, Gillett 570-265-1714 or 596-2167 (112 points)

Trenton… Brin Mullins, Trenton 559-5116 (120 points)

Uniontown… Neil Walls, Hopwood 724-437-9256 (121 points and TB1 of 46 beats Paulette Angelo, Fairchance, also with 121 points)

Walla Walla… Justine Serven, Collage Place 509-2000-1611 (120 points)

Warren…  Joseph Charol (sp?), Youngsville 706-9105 (113 points)

Welch… Keith Meade, Eaglish 875-3558 (114 points)

Xenia… Brock Bukiewicz, Beavercreek 937-306-2909 (116 points)