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Random notes from the NFL’s Week 8:

If you didn’t know better, you’d have thought you were in Lambeau Field on Sunday when the Green Bay Packers visited the Los Angeles Coliseum to play the Rams.  The crowd was at least evenly divided.  Once again, the City of Angels is proving that football is no match for nail salons and the beach  —  even with arguably the best team in the league.

Is it time to break up the juggernaut known as the Houston Texans?

With one of the league’s brightest young quarterback stars, DeShaun Watson, the Texans have run off five straight victories after losing their first three games.

And they just got better — acquiring Demaryous Thomas, one of the top three receivers ever to play for the Denver Broncos but who has a history –continuing this season — of dropping passes.  No word on whether the Broncos had to kick in a jar of stick-em as part of the trade.

Lastly, the annual controversy over who belongs in college football’s four-team playoff got under way when the selection committee came out with its first weekly ranking.   Three of the top four teams — Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame — are undefeated.  The fourth — LSU — is 7-1 but so are six of the other top 10 teams.  However, things will start to shake out when LSU plays Alabama Saturday.

Shaking out in Week 8 of the POWER POINTS Football was a winner who had to go all the way to the second Tiebreaker in a week when two dozen contestants recorded scores of 136 points.

But at the end of the day, Gary Kline, of Mechanicsburg, PA,  had emerged over another contestant who had come within two points on Tiebreaker 1 — total points scored in the New York Giants game.  But Kline went on to emerge victorious when his Tiebreaker 2 — total net yards from scrimmage — prevailed over another contestant from the same area, Ed Quinn.

Both of them entered the contest through The Merchandiser newspaper in Lebanon, PA..

Local winners were:

Aransas Pass…Tammy James, AP 916-316-9172 (124 points)

Butler.. Candi Hartmn, Butler 724-282-1542 (136 points and TB1 of 37 beats two others also with 136 points)

Centralia… Mike Gherardini, Shattuc 226-3519 (136 points and TB1 of 40 beats Barry Gutzler, Cent., also with 136 points)

Chicago… Jack Murphy, Evergreen Pk. 708-528-3760 (136 points and TB1 of 44 beats three others with 136 points)

Corry… Tarette Beattie, Corry  064-2582 (133 points)

Council Grove… Shad Bremer, CG 767-2884 (134 points and TB1 of 42 beats Larry Adams, CG, also with 134 points)

Gettysburg… Brandy Shorb, Biglerville 717-357-1626 (136 points)

Gillette… Gregg Richards, Gillette 307-686-5037 (133 points)

Johnstown… John Verbosky, Johnstown 418-2761 (133 points)

Lebanon… Gary Kline, Mechanicsburg 717-580-7106 (136 points and TB2 of 501 yards beats Ed Quigg, Lebanon, also with 136 points and also with TB1 two points from actual total.)

Lewistown…Robert Johnson, Lwstn, 717-242-2449 or 543-8289 (136 points)

Lockport…  Ryan McClanahan, Lockport 716-417-1942 (132 points)

Lowville… Oliver Compo, Carthage 315-408-2689 (129 points)

Morgantown… Gary Blosser, M-town.. 296-5932 (135 points)

New Ulm… Warren Bode, NU 354-6308 (133 points)

Niagara… Glenn Krelisky, NF 716-297-8678 (131 points)

North East… Mary Sceiford, Erie (Harbor Creek Township) 814-899-6541 (133 points)

Oswego…Carl Wallace, Oswego 315-216-6361 or 591-6507  (135 points)

Pittsfield.. David Deveneau, Becket 413-243-3551 (135 points)

Plattsburgh… Donald Miller, Plattsb. 518-561-1102 (136 points)

Rockport… Richard Lamb, Rockport 361-463-1684 (136 points and TB1 of 39 beats Kevin Jennings, Rockport, also with 136 points)

Sedalia…Terry Ryan, Sedalia 827-0790  (135 points)

Shelbyville… Frank Cameron, Shelbyv. 774-5396 (134 points)

Somerset.. Stephanie Barnett, Somerset 442-6141 (133 points)

Strasburg… Austin Cameron, Front Royal 540-551-2222 (136 points)

Sullivan.. Jerod Barton, Jasonville 812-798-2294 (135 points)

Taylorville… Julie Smith, T-vill. 565-9262 (135 points)

Towanda… Bob Pyznar, Burlington 297-2586 (134 points)

Trenton…Sammy Leweus, Trenton 339-8019 (132 points)

Uniontown… Frank Barkovil, U-town 724-438-1638 (136 points and TB1 of 36 beats three others with 136 points)

Walla Walla… Susie Spurleder,WW 200-1705 (136 points ad TB1 of 43 beats two others with 136 points)

Warren… Ted Rosequist, Russell 814-757-9116 or 730-3472 (135 points)

Welch… Lawrence Barber, Gary 887-3813 (133 points)

Xenia…Dwight Wolf, Xenia 937-470-3521 (134 points)