BRACKETBUCKS: The biggest and the best


BRACKETBUCKS is our most intense contest. That’s because March Madness – the NCAA Basketball Tournament – is the biggest event on the American sports scene. Bigger, even, than the Super Bowl.


The other reason for the intensity of BRACKETBUCKS is the grand prize:  Up to $25,000. So far, we’ve given away more than $500,000 in this contest.


Another reason for the intensity is that the contest appears in newspapers for only three days – not 17 weeks as in the POWER POINTS Football Contest. It’s a one-shot deal. The pairings and seedings for each year’s tournament are announced on a Sunday afternoon in early March. Play begins four days later at noon Eastern Time on Thursday, by which time all entries must be in. (As in all three of our contests, you simply bundle these entries up, send them to us, and you’re done!)


The contestant who tallies the most of those 2,000 points wins the Grand Prize bonanza.


Newspapers and contestants LOVE this contest. We receive tens of thousands of entry forms each year. That translates into both increased single-copy sales and significant advertising revenues for newspapers.


Many newspapers around the country run a March Madness contest of their own – although if they use that name – March Madness – they get a call from the NCAA lawyer charged with protecting copyrights. In most of these contests, the paper recruits local advertisers, then assigns one or two tournament teams to each advertiser. The farther the teams progress, the more advertising the merchant gets (or the larger his/her ads get, etc. ) To this we say: Well and good but why restrict yourself to just the advertisers? If you carry BRACKETBUCKS, you’ll still be able to do this advertiser promotion, but you’ll GREATLY ENHANCE the value of the promotion by adding a reader component and therefore bringing thousands of readers’ eyes to your contest – exactly what your advertisers are paying for.


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Tim McGovern


(303) 393-6343