BracketBuck Results


Greetings BRACKETBUCKS contestants

The challenge period has expired and we now are announcing final, official results of the 2019 BRACKETBUCKS Basketball Contest.




A 53-year-old Manchester, IA, woman  with five children and a job as a daycare operator, tallied 1,731 of the possible 2,000 points to claim Grand Prize honors in the 2019 BRACKETBUCKS Basketball Contest for March Madness — the NCAA Basketball Tournament —  which appeared in this newspaper last month..

Pamela Weber’s path to victory was secured by her correct selection of all four of the final four teams in the tournament — Virginia, the eventual winner,Texas Tech, Auburn and Michigan State.  Each of those correct picks earned her 425 points toward her total.  Only one other contestant — ironically another Cedar Rapids-area entrant — Chris Kitterman, also correctly picked those four teams. But Kitterman’s point total came up four short of Weber’s. Weber’s score was well short of perfect but still was good enough for a prize of $1,500.

.Asked her secret of success, Weber meekly replied, “Pretty much just luck, I guess.”

Local winners were as follows:

Bennington… Gail O’Brien, No. Bennington 447-0259 (1,071  points)

Brattleboro… Ray Kellett, Brattleboro 802-251-0107 (882 points)

Cedar Rapids… Pamela Weber, Manchester 563-920-1658 (1,731 points)

Chico… John Ruedy, Chico 530-521-5752 (889 points)

Clinton, NC…Richard Carr, Clinton 910-249-3170 (453 points, Tiebreaker 1 of 144)

Cookeville… John Dewey, Cookeville 850-866-0384 (1,307 points)

Corry… Ron Leslie, Corry 814-664-7414 (1,070  points)

Dickinson… Vince Frick, Dickinson 701-290-2341 (881 points)

Ft. Atkinson…  Richard Crosby, Jefferson 9200-674-5322 (1,080 points)_

Greeneville… Ronald Peters, Greeneville 423-609-7110 (1,509 points)

Grenada… Jerry Dantone, Grenada 662-226-4036 (881 points)

Kankakee… Donna Beland, Bradley 815-370-7269 (1,487 points)

Laurenberg, NC… Joe Patton, Laurinburg 301-395-9100 (1,080 points)

Lumberton… Bonnie Strickland, Lumberton 910-738-9006 (873 points)

Marshall.. Mike Lamberson, Marshall 660-886-6649 (871 points)

Marion, IN, Paxton group of five…Steven Stuckey, Marion 765-661-8843 (1,082 points)

Maysville… Sonny Brammer, Maysville 606-407-5101 (1,075 points)

Morgantown… Don Maraney, Star City 304-599-0359 (1,506 points)

Pittsfield… John McHugh, Pittsfield 413-443-5126 (1,131 points).

Rockingham…  Elias Campbell, Wadesboro 704-694-0102 (453 points)

Rock Springs.. Gabe Erramouspe, Rock Springs 307-371-6548 (1,069 points)

Sedalia… Glenn Cairer, Sedalia (879 points and Tiebreaker 1 of 167 beats Sandy Cline, Sedalia, also with 879 points and with Tiebreaker of 130)

Shelbyville, TN… Billy Caskey, Shelbyville 931-684-0436 (1,078 points) Second place to Stanley Smith, Shelbyville 706-299-1208 (1,075 points)

Strasburg… Kelly Hibbs, Front Royal 540-636-9843 (1,505 points)

Sullivan, IN… Jill Nichols, Sullivan 812-249-4894 (655 points)

Towanda… John Sullivan, Towanda 570-265-8354 (1,079 points)

Trenton…. Tom Whitten, Trenton 660-339-7477 (1505 points)

Uniontown..  Gary Matthews, Lemont Furnce 724-439-0443 (1,074 points)

Walla Walla… Bernard Newman, Walla Walla 509-876-2864 (1,500 points)