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Welcome to powerpointsgames.com, the official web site of POWER POINTS, Inc., a Denver-based corporation that runs contest promotions for newspapers.


This web site is designed primarily as a tool for marketing our three contests to newspapers and as a vehicle for reporting contest results to our client newspapers, but we’re only too happy for contestants to look in on us from time to time to see what’s up.


POWER POINTS runs three contests – all designed to grow advertising and single-copy-sales revenues for newspapers.  Our core game is the POWER POINTS Football Contest which runs for 17 weeks in the fall and features a weekly grand prize of $1,000.  The big draw of this contest – besides that cash bonanza -- is in its unique and fun scoring system.  It’s NOT LIKE those boring old contests.  That winner wins whatever the newspaper wants to arrange for. 


Next comes SURVIVOR Football, our holiday bowl games special.  Grand prize of up to $10,000.  It runs from about Dec. 8 to about Dec. 18.  Newspapers can publish it once, twice, however many times they want during that window.  Object of this game is to correctly – and CONSECUTIVELY – select winning teams on each DAY of the bowl season (usually 12-14 days).  You just pick one – and only one – team to win on each DAY.  For as long as you’re correct, you survive.  First miss and you’re finished.  Last one standing wins $10,000.  Last one standing locally wins whatever local prize the paper wants to arrange for.


Finally:  BRACKETBUCKS in conjunction with the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  A three-day promotion with a grand prize of $25,000.  And, of course, a local winner as well. 


In all three games, newspapers send us the entry forms for scoring, and we report results at our web page.


More than 300 newspapers now use one, two or all three of our contests.  Each newspaper pays a fee based on its daily circulation in order to participate.  See details of each of our games by clicking on the appropriate link.  And good luck!


All the best,


Tim McGovern


(303) 393-6343


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