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Greetings advertising directors, publishers, circulation directors, etc.


Your newspaper is invited to join dozens of others around the country in carrying the popular and profitable SURVIVOR Football Contest, now in its sixth year. 


Grand Prize: $10,000


Whether you’re in a college town or not, here’s the perfect way to capitalize on the pageantry of the holiday bowl season – culminating in the crowning of college football’s national champion in the BCS Championship Game.


The SURVIVOR Football concept is simple – and modeled after office pools you might have seen.  The contestant selects one – and only one – team to win on each DAY of the bowl season.  But the correct picks must be CONSECUTIVE.  For as long as you are correct, you survive.  First miss and you’re out.  Last one standing wins $10,000.  Last one standing locally is your local survivor and wins whatever local prize you wish to award:  cash, merchandise from a co-sponsor, free subscription, etc. (Of course, we have a Tiebreaker system to break the rare tie.)


Using your co-sponsoring merchants as the drop-off points for entries will push a gaggle of Christmas shoppers into their stores.  (You might also want to run a “private game” among your advertisers with the one who lasts the longest winning some free space.)


Bowl lineup will be finalized on Sunday, Dec. 3rd.  First bowl game is Dec. 19.  Therefore you have a 12-day window to run the contest, supported by advertising, of course.  You may run the entry (available by Dec. 6th at our web site) as often as you wish during this window. 


All entries due by noon on Dec. 19th.  You bundle them up and send them to me.  You’re done!  We do all scoring, tabulating and reporting – giving you full results a day or two after the Rose Bowl.


SURVIVOR Football is fun, easy, profitable and lots of fun for you, your advertisers and your readers. For a look at the game piece, a socko Testimonial letter, etc., just click on the appropriate links.  When you’re ready, just print out a copy of the contract, fill in your fee (see Rate Card) sign one copy and send it to me at:



6655 So. Piney Creek Cir.

Centennial, CO 80016


You’re in!  We look forward to your partnership in this and our other games.



All the best,

Tim McGovern


(303) 393-6343