POWER POINTS Football Contest




This is our core game, appearing in newspapers since 1990.  More than $1 million in prize money has been paid out so far in GRAND PRIZES, and we will offer another $17,000 this fall.


As in all our games, there is also a local winner from each participating newspaper in each of those 17 weeks.  The prize for this local winner is up to the newspaper.  It can be cash, merchandise put up by a co-sponsoring merchant, whatever you wish to arrange for.


Besides the large grand prize, contestant interest and participation are driven by the fun, challenging and stimulating – but not complicated – scoring system employed by the POWER POINTS contest.  In the traditional newspaper football contest – maybe you’ve had one – the contestants are given a list of games for the week, they circle or put a check mark by the teams they predict will win, and the contestant who gets the MOST CORRECT ANSWERS wins 20 bucks or whatever.  BORRRING.


In POWER POINTS, contestants must do one more thing:  they must RANK their projected winners along a weighted point scale – from 16 points down to one point – based upon their CONFIDENCE in them.  Obviously, your SUREST winner goes on the 16-point line, your LEAST SURE winner goes on the 1-point line, and the rest of your projections fall along the scale according to your confidence level in them.  The points add up to 136 each week.  The contestant who tallies the most of those 136 points each week wins up to $1,000.  The contestant locally who tallies the most of the 136 is your local winner. (Obviously we have a tiebreaker system to break the rare tie so we don’t risk having multiple grand prize or multiple local winners.)


The weekly deadline for contestant entry is 2 p.m. on Thursdays. The contest features primarily NFL games, but we include as many top Division 1 college games as possible.


Here’s the part many newspapers like best:  Instead of taking those entry forms home with you to score over the weekend, you simply overnight them to us here in Denver , and we do all the scoring, tabulating and so on.  Then we report results each Wednesday at our website.  A turnkey service.


To make the game successful for your newspaper, you need to recruit local advertisers and, if you wish, make their stores the drop-off points for entries.  This pushes valuable foot traffic into their stores and sets their cash registers ringing.  I also advise getting the circulation department involved because as contestants get addicted to the scoring format and begin betting with each other over who will score the most points, single-copy sales on Mondays (the day the contest usually appears) begin to spike upwards.


The POWER POINTS Football Contest has become a treasured institution in scores of cities and towns nationwide – from large markets to small.  For a peek at how newspapers feel about the contest, click the Testimonials link on this page.


I have many contestant testimonials that I could share with you as well.  As you know, subscriber retention is a huge priority in your circulation department.  The POWER POINTS Football Contest has been cited many times by contestants as a major reason for their renewal. They look forward to it each fall; they enjoy it as a family or workplace activity, and they renew their subscriptions so they can play.


In order to participate, newspapers pay a fee based on their circulations.  We offer them a payment option of paying in five equal monthly installments, August through December, if they choose.

We appreciate your consideration so much.  Please email me with any questions at any time.


All the best,

Tim McGovern


(303) 393-6343