Below are final, OFFICIAL results of the 2009-2010 SURVIVOR FOOTBALL Contest.  Local winners are listed alphabetically by the town housing the main office of participating newspapers.  You’ll see the number of days he/she lasted in the bowl season without a miss.   No appeals were received and none will be entertained now..


Attn:   Newspapers and  SURVIVOR Football conteatsnts.

No challenges were received during the challenge period, which is now over.  Below are FINAL AND OFFICIAL results from the 2009-2010 contest. Results are listed alphabetically by primary location of partiipating newspaper.

Here goes:



A Towanda,PA-area farmer who’s lived in the same place his whole life stepped out of obsurity to become the national grand prize winner in the SURVIVOR Football Contest, carried in newspapers across the country last month.

The contest, which asks contestants to pick winners of the college bowl games, features a grand prize of $10,000.

“I don’t know how I did it,” said 60-year-old Tracey Bouse..  “I follow the game some, but I’m not an expert.”

The object of SURVIVOR Football is to consecutively pick winners of the bowl games. Bouse lasted 12 days of the recent bowl season without a miss.  Second-best effort was 11 days.

Local winners were:

Alliance, OH… Taylor Mann, Alliance 823-8367, lasted 7 days; second to Anna Davidson, Salem 337-3714 (five days); third to Dianna Poole, Alliance 938-0146 (three days)

Arkansas City, KS… David Zumwalt, Ark City 441-2010 or 442-3436, lasted 2 days, won Tiebreaker 2 over one other who did the same

Ashland, OH… Ann Stump, Ashland 281-0386 lasted 5 days

Beaver, PA… Bobby Zeljak,  no town listed (724) 375-1360 lasted 7 days

Bloomington, IL…Larry Exton, Pontiac (815) 842-2628, lasted 11 days

Bridgeport, CT…. Bobbie Chameides, 42 Turkey Meadow Rd., no town listed (203) 375-9015 lasted 7 days

Defiance, OH…  Alan Whirrett, Paulding (419) 399-5374 lasted 6 days

Elyria, OH.. Davion Power, Lorain 744-7886, lasted 4 days

Fairfield, CA… Cindy Smart, Fairfield (707) 344-7376 or 344-7378,  lasted 3 days

Findlay, OH…. Joyce Ann Pamiagua, Findlay 423-7823, lasted 7 days, wins on TB 3 of 525 yards over one other who did the same

Fort Smith, AR..  Kara Alexandr, HC, Box 255, no town listed (918) 775-2261,  lasted 5 days, TB1 of 26 beats one other who did the same

Frankfort, KY… Mary Sanderson,  Frankfort (502) 695-1287, lasted 10 days

Joliet, IL… Ptrick Softzhock, Joliet 729-4750 lasted 7 days

Lebanon, TN… Charles Moss, Lebanon 405-6623 or 553-4149 lasted 5 days

Lima, OH… Wayne Cowan, Lima 712-1708, lasted 8 days

Morgantown, WV… Mark Reasor, Morgantown 293-2418 or 598-0227, lasted 7 days; TB 1 of 42 beats one other contestant who did the same

Ravenna, OH…  Phyllis Simpson, Windham 326-2142, lasted 3 days, TB1 of 42 beats five others who did the same

Savannah, GA… Helen Kirkland, Lyons 526-8619, lasted 3 days, TB1 of 38 beats four others who did the sams

Sedalia, MO… Cole Koenig, Whiteman 563-0545, lasted 3 days, TB1 of 43 beats three others who did the same

Towanda, PA … AND THE BIG WINNER IS Tracey Bouse, Towanda 265-6697, lasted 12 days.