On any given week, we received from 300 to 500 entry forms.  That type of participation in a town of 10,000 was much more than we could have expected.  With the right space allocated to the program and the proper promotion and editorial support, any paper with readers who enjoy football should sign up for POWER POINTS.

Chad Engbrock

Publisher, The Wylie (TX) News

The POWER POINTS Football Contest has hit new highs here again.  This includes advertising revenue, single-copy sales and contestant participation.  I can safely say that the contest has become a treasured tradition among our readers and advertisers.

During the football season – and even year-‘round – I hear more talk on the street about POWER POINTS than about any other topic of conversation regarding the Times.

Don Steele

Advertising Director, The Kerrville (TX) Daily Times

We had several hundred readers playing each week as well as a lot of phone calls.  To me, the success of a program can be measured to a degree by phone calls.  If people are interested, they call.  We gave away a lot of forms in our lobby as well, so maybe these people will become subscribers.

Beverly Barnum

Vice President, Promotions, Corpus Christi (TX) Caller

What a great promotion!  The advertising sponsors loved it.  They are already asking if we’re doing it again next year.  Because we are, I know I can build on the advertising revenue.

Keith Dawn

Advertising Director, Norristown (PA) Times Herald

POWER POINTS was a huge success with out paper and our readership.   We saw an increase in contest entries from week one (and) …over the 17 weeks of the contest, we grossed over $10,000.

Lane Moon

Advertising Director, Bellefontaine (OH) Examiner

Easy, exciting and lots of fun are the first words that come to mind.  We’d done our own football contests in years past, but none created the excitement of POWER POINTS.  A few weeks into the contest, we noticed our racks and dealers would sell out on POWER POINTS day, so the circulation department had to increase the numbers.


Dierdre Warden

Advertising Director, The Deleware (OH)

When I first saw the POWER POINTS promotion, I thought it was just another football promotion that we have never had much success in selling or maintaining interest in.  Am I glad we decided to give POWER POINTS a try.

We sold the targeted number of sponsors in less than two weeks and made over $10,000 for the 17-week run.  You can bet it’s on our list of promotions again this year.

Robert Yamamoto

Advertising Director, Journal Gazette, Times-Courier ( Mattoon , Charleston , IL )

We needed a fresh idea to replace a dying football tab, and POWER POINTS was the perfect solution.  Not only is it a revenue producer, but our readers loved it.  Single-copy sales increase on the day POWER POINTS appears.  A definite win-win any way you look at it.

Jennifer Fleischman

Advertising Director, West Bend (WI) Daily News

Our first year’s experience with the POWER POINTS Football Contest exceeded my expectations by a large margin.  Our advertisers loved it, we received a HUGE number of entries from all over our circulation area and beyond, and we generated more than $35,000 in new advertising revenue.  Also, our single-copy sales were up over the prior year during the 17 weeks of the contest.  It was a turnkey deal for the Eagle with little work involved since your staff in Denver handles the bulk of the work.

I wish all of our projects ran as smoothly and required this small amount of effort.

Ron Davidson

Advertising Director, The Wichita (KS) Eagle