Our advertising revenues were up 37 percent over 2003.  A great contest!

Kevin Prior

Advertising Director, Midland Daily News

Nobody here was prepared for the response we got to BRACKETBUCKS.  People were lined up in the lobby to buy newspapers so they could enter.  Please let me write you a testimonial letter.

Rich Cains

Advertising Manager, Post-Tribune

We’ve been running an NCAA promotion for 10 years.  This year’s was the best response we’ve ever had —  about 3,000 entries.  The second-best was last year – the first year we used BRACKETBUCKS —  with 1,800.  Your contest has certainly brought us a big spike in entries.

Maia Conway

Advertising Manager, Travis City Record-Eagle

Another record year for entries – nearly 1,400!  That’s almost twice the previous year.

Randi Arnold

Marketing Manager, Kalamazoo Gazette

We’ve never had this kind of contestant response to anything we’ve ever done.

Paige Ledford

Advertising Manager, The Fayetteville Observer

Because of BRACKETBUCKS, our single-copy sales jumped by 1,000 per day.  A total of 3,000.  It’s always a big seller for us.

Jim Rasmussen

Circulation Manager, The Journal Times

Thanks for a great contest and a great job.

Bill Couton

Retail Advertising Manager, The Connecticut Post

BRACKETBUCKS is one of the best – if not the best – return on investment of anything we do.

Jep Bloor

Advertising Manager, The Register

We had readers calling a month in advance to make sure we were going to carry BRACKETBUCKS.  It creates a lot of excitement.

Kathy Beatty

Circulation Sales Representative, The Journal-News

The BRACKETBUCKS contest couldn’t have gone better.  Everything went smoothly, and our readers couldn’t get enough of it.  POWER POINTS is a company that does what it says it will do, and we appreciate that.  I’d be happy to take a call from any newspaper wanting to look at doing BRACKETBUCKS.  It’s a winner.

Vincent Puchalski

Marketing Director, The Scranton Times & Tribune

I’d say BRACKETBUCKS has been a very, very successful promotion for us.  Our readers and advertisers go for it in a big way.

John Speck

Advertising Director, Southwest Times Record

I am so, soooo, sooooooooooo glad we did it.  As long as I’m at this newspaper, we’ll be carrying BRACKETBUCKS.

Rachel Raney

Assoc. Publisher, The Paducah Sun