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March Madness! It’s the largest sports cavalcade on the American sports calendar. Its 63 games stretch for 20 days in March/April, and the result is the crowning of college basketball’s national champion.

Our BRACKETBUCKS Basketball Contest offers a potential Grand Prize of $25,000 and, as with all our contests, a local winner from each participating newspaper. Local prize is up to the newspaper. BRACKETBUCKS gives newspapers a unique opportunity to capitalize on this frenzy. It has made many millions of dollars for them in advertising and single-copy sales. 

The contest itself is quite brief; it runs during the three days following Selection Sunday each mid-March. That’s the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the tournament field is announced. (Note: The play-in games on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week have no bearing on our contest or on your publishing schedule. BRACKETBUCKS uses only the 64 teams who begin play on Thursday.) All entry forms are due to the newspaper by noon Thursday because that’s when the games begin. You simply bundle them up, toss them in the mail, and you’re done!  We here in Denver perform all scoring, tabulating and reporting. We announce winners – Grand Prize and local – at our web site three days after the Championship Game.

Because of the intense interest in this tournament and the narrow “window” when the contest is live, this is our most intense contest and attracts maximum participation by readers. This gives your advertisers the chance to place their messages before a huge audience.

Consult the Rate Card to determine your fee by circulation, then get in touch to join our consortium.

All the best,

Tim McGovern
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