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Greetings newspapers! We would welcome your inclusion in the consortium of newspapers who carry the 17-week POWER POINTS Football Contest each fall. This print-only contest has generated many millions of dollars for these newspapers in advertising and single-copy sales.

POWER POINTS differs from the traditional newspaper football contest promotion in three key ways. First, the scoring format is far more fun and interesting. (Some say bedeviling.) Readers get addicted, and this translates into single-copy sales. In the traditional contest, readers do nothing more than select a winner from each of the games on the weekly ticket. They do this in our game, too, but now they have to do one more thing: They RANK their projected winners along a point scale – from 16 points down to one point – based on their CONFIDENCE in them. (Click on the Gamepiece to see the actual entry form.) This means that it’s no longer important how many you get right, but rather how many of the possible 136 weekly points you can amass. The contestant from the participating newspapers who amasses the most of those 136 points wins the Grand Prize (up to $1,000), and the contestant locally who tallies the most of the points is your local winner and wins whatever local prize you wish to provide.

That brings us to the second major difference: We perform all of the weekly scoring, tabulating and reporting; newspapers thus are freed from this onerous task.

And, of course, third is that we provide all the entry forms and supporting materials you’ll need to run the contest.

The contest features primarily NFL football but, with bye weeks and other anomalies, it also features a significant number of Power 5 college games, primarily Big Ten and Big 12 games.

The popularity of the contest among readers means plenty of eyeballs on the contest page each week, and advertisers love to be where eyeballs can see them. The contest also helps significantly with subscriber retention.

To determine what your fee is to carry the contest, consult the Rate Card, then give us a call here in Denver at (303) 393-6343 to get on board.

All the best,

Tim McGovern