Week 10 results

Week 10 Results



No bubbles yet in Miami.

Ten weeks into the 2020 NFL season, one undefeated team — Pittsburgh — remains. Until it loses, the 1972 Miami Dolphins will have to keep the champagne on ice.

As the only team in NFL history to go through the regular season,the playoffs and the Super Bowl without a loss, the Dolphins traditionally pop that bubbly after the last undefeated team loses each year. It has been thus for 48 years. Only the Steelers, who beat Cincinnati Sunday, stand in the way of another Dolphins celebration.

No need to wait to pour the celebratory drink in one Pennsylvania neighborhood after Week 10 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest. Devon Gerena, of Lebanon, tallied 131 of the possible 136 points to take home Grand Prize honors.

Local winners were:

Butler…  Michael Vavro, Butler 282-6277 or 991-8136 (121 points)

Caldwell… Mike Titus, Caldwell 459-0098 (112 points)

Centralia… Judy Elliott, Centralia 532-0040 (119 points)

Corry….. Ken Berkhous, Columbus 664-2966(99 points and TB1 of 36 beats L. Troup, Corry, also with 99 points)

Council Grove… Bryan Hatcher, CG 917-3966 (111 points and TB1 of 54 beats Ralph Snider, CG, also with 111 points)

Dickinson Co. … Ray Mueller, Herington 366-6777 (105 points)

Hobbs… David Gaytan, Eunice 200-0735 (117 points)

Kane… Ed Cunningham, James Cit 837-8477 (105 points)

Lebanon… Devon Gerena, Lebanon 222-6644 (131 points)

Rawlins… Jerry Burke, Rawlins 324-3206 (122 points)

Ridgway… Skip Cherry, Ridgway 772-0573 (113 points)

Rockport… Rusty Gauthier, Rockport 210-379-6233 (6253?) (125 points)

Rock Springs…  (no entries)

St. Marys… Gloria Hnath, St.Marys 781-6720 (106 points)

Taylorville… Kenneth Brown, Kincaid 237-4702 (111 points)

Towanda… Krystina Silfee, New Albany 220-2651 (106 points)

Trenton… Tyler Krajicek, Salina 785-0184(123 points)

Walla Walla… James Wilbur, WW 240-4105 (109 points and TB1 of 45 beats Shelbea Voelker, Kennewick, lso with 109 points)

Warren… Clark Whitaker, Russell 723-7772 (112 points)

Xenia… Robt Andes, Fairborn 879-2615 (2015?) (105 points)