Week 11 Results

NEWSPAPERS– Here are final results from Week 11. Remember to check the Week 13 Weekly Results section first thing Monday to see if there are any schedule postponements. Happy Thanksgiving.




They say a goat never changes its spots.

But it happened right there on your color tee-vee on Monday Night Football.

Quarterback Tom Brady, the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), became the goat in the traditional sense — the guy who blew the game. . Needing only a come-from-behind-touchdown — his 48th — Tom Brady tossed an interception — his second of the night — to allow the LA Rams to escape with a victory over Tampa Bay.

Meanwhile, the GOWE (Greatest Of Week Eleven) in the POWER POINTS Football Contest came out of Jonestown, PA, where Joseph Rife tallied 114 of the possible 136 points to carry home Grand prize honors.

He entered the contest through The Merchandiser newspaper inLebanon.

Local winners were:

Butler…  Schessier, Mars 724-713-1921 (112 points and TB1 of 50 beats Tony Rossi, Hilliards, also with 112 points)

Centralia… Garry Rightnowar, Bluford 315-1193 (111 points)

Corry… W. Eshelmum (sp?), Corry 664-5719 (106 points)

Council Grove… Council Grove… Mark James, Claundon (Claunda?) 220-8536 (94 points)

Dickinson Co…. Brian Mascareno, Herington 366-0989 (84 points)

Hobbs… Kay Bryan, Hobbs 397-4955 or 397-2761 (83 points)

Kane… Aaron Misini (sp?), Kane 598-7901 (86 points)

Lebanon… Joseph Rife, PO Box 53, Jonestown 717-813-1942 (114 points)

Rawlins… Steve Kovachevich, Rawlins 320-8621 (89 points)

Ridgway…  Theresa Bjorkquist,Ridgway 389-2062 (97 points)

Rockport… Carlos Cantu, Rockport 442-6455 (107 points)

Rock Springs… Annette Saeicher (sp?), RS 695-7024 (100 points)

St. Marys… Chris Hayes, St. M 594-2594 (89 points)

Taylorville… Terry Passoni, T-vill. 824-2633 (101 points)

Towanda… Pat Zerr, Troy 297-4678 (125 points)

Trenton… Chad Boyd, Trenton 635-1708 (104 points)

Walla Walla… Yavonne Williams, WW 876-6862 (99 points)

Warren… Katie Kramer, Youngsville 563-4962 (105 points)

Xenia… Dwight Wolf, Beavercreek 470-3521 (91 points)