Week 14 Results

Week 14 should be almost entirely updated as of 1/19. I am missing entries from Rawlins and Taylorville. Since dad passed in the middle of grading Week 14 it is very possible that he put them somewhere that I just have not yet found. I will continue to look for those entry forms. If I have not found them by 1/31 I will send the weekly winner check to Tom Bechtold of Lebanon, PA.

Week 15 should be completed by Thursday, and I’m hoping to have Weeks 16 and 17 done this weekend. Apologies for the delay, between the funeral, clearing out dad’s place and my day job it’s been difficult to find time for the contest. As some of those other requirements begin to diminish I can spend more time working on this.

MAJOR UPDATE: I am so sorry to report that my beloved father and the Commissioner of Power Points, Tim McGovern, passed away on Christmas Eve. This was unexpected and happened very quickly. As his son, I have been around the contest all my life and so I will be able to complete the season, report the results on this website, and pay out the winners. However, between dealing with dad’s affairs and doing my day job, these results will be delayed; very likely into the new year.

If at all possible, please send your entry forms to:

Matthew McGovern
1415 N. Washington St.
Unit 106
Denver, CO 80203

As he was a former journalist I know my father very much enjoyed working with all of you. Thank you for your patience, and if you have any questions you can either call me at 720-309-8701 or email me at Matthew@ColoradoHouseMajority.com

NEWSPAPERS: Post Office and other delivery services report being backed up and way behind schedule because of holidays. . Although understaffed, Postal Service also pressed into service to deliver Covid-19 vaccines. We hope to have complete results by week’s end, but this remains doubtful.

Partial results:




The only thing missing was the cape.

Although injured himself, reigning MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson limped out of the Baltimore Ravens locker room to replace his stricken back-up, Trace McSorley, at the two-minute mark in Monday’s game against Cleveland.

With the Ravens trailing 42-35, McSorley went down with a leg injury just ahead of the two-minute warning. Out of the locker room, where he was being treated for cramps, Jackson emerged, tossed a 44-yard pass on fourth-and-five to Marquise Brown, then, a minute later set up Justin Tucker’s 55-yard field goal with two seconds left to ice the game and perhaps preserve the season for the Ravens.

No word on whether he performed any post-game steel bending.

Other super-human feats of the week included the effort by one contestant in Week 14 of the POWER POINTS Football Contest.

Local winners were:

Butler…  Don Leslie (119 points)

Caldwell… Craig Poland, Caldwell, 740-509-1701 (112 points)

Centralia… Zack Robbins, Centralia, 618-231-7469 (109 points)

Corry… Jeff Peeples, Corry, 814-964-0586 or 814-384-6264( 124 points)

Council Grove… Jim Martin, Council Grove, 620-767-5235(109 points)

Dickinson Co. … Justin Deines, Herington 512-0150 (109 points)

Hobbs… Manuel Quiroz, Lovington, 575-390-3831 ( 108 points)

Kane… Andrea Wise, Kane 716-904-1921 (117 points)

Lebanon…  Tom Bechtold 717-269-2049 (130 points)

Rawlins… ( points)

Ridgway… Daryl Cyong (Cyone?), 776-1422 (1477?) (104 points)

Rockport… Nick Johnson, Rockport 729-9707 (111 points and TB1 of 44 beats George Davis, Rockport, also with 111 points)

Rock Springs…  James Sanchez, Rawlins 350-7345 (110 points)

St. Marys… Tim Butterfuss, St. M 834-3474 (107 points)

Taylorville… Rick Marucco, Taylorville, 217-820-0530 (114 points)

Towanda… Mimi Dziuba, Rome, 570-247-2236 ( points)

Trenton… Ron Herrin, Trenton 635-1175 or 654-3367 (107 points)

Walla Walla… Carol Gunderson, Walla Walla, 240-3120 ( 112 points)

Warren Melvin Kramer, Youngsville 814-563-4962 or 412-706-1416 ( 108 points)

Xenia… Michael McGill, Xenia 352-5900 (105 points)