Week 15 Results

MAJOR UPDATE: I am so sorry to report that my beloved father and the Commissioner of Power Points, Tim McGovern, passed away on Christmas Eve. This was unexpected and happened very quickly. As his son, I have been around the contest all my life and so I will be able to complete the season, report the results on this website, and pay out the winners. However, between dealing with dad’s affairs and doing my day job, these results will be delayed; very likely into the new year.

If at all possible, please send your entry forms to:

Matthew McGovern
1415 N. Washington St.
Unit 106
Denver, CO 80203

As he was a former journalist I know my father very much enjoyed working with all of you. Thank you for your patience, and if you have any questions you can either call me at 720-309-8701 or email me at Matthew@ColoradoHouseMajority.com


Story about Grand Prize winner goes here.

Local winners were:

Butler…   ( points)

Centralia… ( points)

Corry… ( points)

Council Grove…  ( points)

Hobbs… ( points)

Dickinson Co…. ( points)

Lebanon…  ( points)

Kane… ( points)

Rawlins… ( points)

Ridgway…  ( points)

Rockport…  ( points)

Rock Springs…  ( points)

Taylorville… ( points)

St. Marys… ( points)

Towanda…  ( points)

Trenton…( points)

Walla Walla…  ( points)

Warren… ( points)

Xenia… ( points)