Week 2 Results





Ahh, Las Vegas. Where dreams go to die.

That’s what happened to the vaunted New Orleans Saints who ventured into the Las Vegas strip to christen a new franchise playing its first game in a new stadium in its new city.

But the Las Vegas Raiders weren’t going to let this opening night get spoiled, and they sent the Saints marching home with a 34-24 defeat.

But it wasn’t only the Saints who threw snake eyes on Monday. In a week of few upsets, scads of contestants in the POWER POINTS Football Contest entered that Monday night game with high hopes of recording sterling — even perfect — scores. The highly favored Saints spelled an end to those hopes.

But not everybody was taken down that night. Two contestants, Todd Sholey, of Rock Springs, WY, and Chris Bailey, of Walla Walla,WA, stood at the topof the pack with 136 points. Both predicted on Tiebreaker 1 that 48 points would be scored in the game, but Sholey emerged as Grand Prize winner when his Tiebreaker 2 guess of 800 total yards in the game was closer to the actual 950 than Bailey’s.

Sholey entered the contest through the Rocket-Miner newspaper in Rock Springs.

Local winners were:

Beaver Creek… (no entries)

Butler…  Dillon Uranler, Butler 822-1125 (132 points)

Caldwell… Larry Gerst, Caldwell 629-1313 (132 points)

Centralia… Zach Robbins, Centralia 231-7469 (135 points)

Corry… Eli Carey, Corry 964-9167 (115 points and TB1 of 44beats Robb Albers, Corry, also with 115 points)

Council Grove…  Barbara Adams, CG 767-5536 (132 points)

Dickinson… Mike Diehl, Enterprise 280-3224 (134 points)

Fairborn… ( points)

Hobbs… Roben Martinez, Clayton 207-7005 (125 points)

Lebanon… Mike Betz, Leb. 5507-9043 (132 points and TB1 of 55 beats George Miller, of Manheim, also with 132 points)

Morgantown…  (no entries)

Rawlins… Jerry Burke, Rawlins 324-3206 (129 points)

Ridgway…  (no entries)

Rockport… Cal Watts, Rockport 263-1414 (134 points)

Rock Springs… Todd Sholey, RS 389-9815 (136 points) TB!: 48; TB2: 800 yards

Taylorville… Jeff Hill, T-vill. 823-4086 (131 points)

Towanda…  Mickey Fox, Towanda 265-5893 (127 points)

Trenton… Johnny Egeland, Trenton 536-8399 (132 points)

Walla Walla… Chris Bailey, WW 956-1602 (136 points) TB1: 48; TB2: 680

Warren… Dave Paul, Warren 688-0698 (131 points)

Welch…  (no entries)

Xenia… ( no entries)