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Each holiday season the nation turns its eyes to the college bowl games and the chase for the national championship. SURVIVOR Football is a 10-day advertising and single-copy promotion that allows newspapers to capitalize on the high interest in this event.

As with our other contests, we provide the Gamepiece (entry form) that appears in newspapers, surrounded, of course, by all that advertising you sell. As with our other contests, the contest features a Grand Prize (up to $10,000) as well as a local winner from your area. (Local prize is up to you. In this contest, I often recommend getting one of your co-sponsoring merchants to chip in a big-screen TV.) We perform all scoring, tabulating and reporting. Results are posted at our web site two days after the Championship Game.

This contest in particular offers you an opportunity to ring some cash registers among your participating merchants by perhaps using their stores as he drop-off points for entries. This pushes valuable foot traffic into their stores a week or two before Christmas.

As stated above, the contest runs in newspapers for about 10 days – from when the bowl lineup is finalized until the first bowl game is played. This is usually from about Dec. 8 or 9 until about Dec. 18 or 19. You can run the Gamepiece as often as you wish during this window.

Check the Rate Card to determine your fee, then give us a call here in Denver (303) 393-6343 to sign up for the action.

All the best,

Tim McGovern